Is The Office Coming Back to Life?

I don’t know that I’ve ever blogged about The Office, though I used to consider it one of my favorite shows, if not the favorite for a period of time. But sadly, despite my sincerest hopes, the post-Michael Scott era has not been a good one. In fact, three or four episodes in the middle […]

I’ve Been Missing Out

My TV world has recently been turned upside down. Everything I once thought I knew—gone. For I have discovered two new-to-me shows that I’m positively boggled I wasn’t already watching. First came The Big Bang Theory. A couple weeks ago, as husband and I were winding down from a night of college football, we flipped […]

Why You MUST Watch Once Upon a Time

Alright folks, I’ve covered other new shows over the past few months, and I’ve encouraged y’all to watch plenty. But this is the one to listen to me on. Seriously. Remember how excited I was for the New Girl premiere? Double it. This is my most anticipated show of the season: Once Upon a Time. […]